Welcome to Moving image Inc.

Jim Coulter with High-definition cameraBased in Houston Texas, Moving image can handle all levels of Video Production anywhere in the world. We provide affordable award winning video production no matter what your budget!

Because of our low overhead we can offer better prices than most larger production companies. Many of our clients just need an affordable high quality video but only have a small budget to work with.

We produce everything from low cost event DVDs to smaller corporate productions yet we have the manpower and equipment to take on the largest productions. Moving image is the only call you need to make- we can provide everything from camera package to video camera crew!

Moving image utilizes cutting edge camera technology. An early believer in 4K camera resolution we were one of the first Production Companies in Houston to purchase the RED SCARLET X Cinema Camera. With 4 times the resolution of normal high definition cameras the image clarity and quality of 4K is unsurpassed! Please contact us for your Indie Films, Music Videos and Corporate Video productions!

The Scarlet X camera package includes a RED Pro 18-85mm zoom lens, a Duclos 11-16mm rectilinear extreme wide angle zoom lens, Mattebox, filters, HD Monitor, batteries and RED Pro SSD Cards. The Duclos 11-16mm lens is incredibly wide with little or no distortion associated with other wide lenses. It is the perfect lens for Steadicam or Jib usage.

Moving image also owns 2 high definition Panasonic video cameras and 2 Nikon D800 DSLR Video Cameras. Our lighting package includes Kino Flo Diva lights, Arri and Lowell light kits. For audio we use the best in the business: Wireless Lectrosonic and Sennheiser microhones.

Our wide selection of specialty gear includes a 17" teleprompter system, Dana Dolly, Camera Crane with remote controlled Camera Turret and Steadicam Zephyr package. The Zephyr allows us to fly heavier cameras up to 25 lbs in weight! The Steadicam and Camera Crane package includes a Bartech Wireless Focus Controller. Making it possible to get incredible images in crisp sharp focus.

We offer the best options for your projects at the most affordable prices! Our pricing makes it possible to upgrade for higher end productions and downgrade for more modest productions.

Video Editing with Final Cut ProWe also own a full service High Definition editing studio featuring Adobe Creative Cloud. Our experienced editors are proficient with Premiere, After Effects and Boris 3D Text as well as Illustrator and Photoshop. Moving image can take your project from concept to completion with one call!

We offer everything from video compositing to 3D animation including audio sweetening, web streaming and DVD authoring.

Our concept and design services can take your idea and bring it to life with pre visualization, scripting, visual design, scheduling, crew and location selection. We'll shoot it, edit it and master it to whatever format you require.

Current Projects

Since Moving image was established in 2007 we have grown our company both in the number of projects we produce each year and the number of contractors we partner with. We have also continued to keep up with the newest technology available. From our aquisition of Red's 4K Cinema Camera and PL Cinema Lenses to our newest addition- two new Panasonic HPX 250 HD Cameras which are NTSC and PAL switchable based on our client's needs! We've also added a set of 4 bank 4 ft Kino-Flo lights for improved Green Screen illumination and a Panasonic 17" HD Field Monitor to our Equipment Packages. We continue to invest our profits back into our company so that we can continue to provide the very best equipment to our clients. This results in problem free gear that has never been rented which is capable of producing the highest quality video available anywhere in the world!

Moving image just finished shooting Jr. Gordon's newest Music Video "Country Lovin." This is the second music video Moving image and Vintage Production Group have teamed up to produce. The video is being offered to several major recording studios and labels.

Moving image's creative team was tasked with finding a way to make an unusual product attractive to a wider market. The Bidet was first used in France in the 1700s. Sanitary Bidet's version attaches to the existing toilet seat. At the client's request one informative commercial and two comedy versions were concepted. The commercials are currently in rotation on cable and network television. Click here to watch the commercials!

Moving image partnered with D'vour Music Enterprise to produce V.S. newest music video Release- "Love Control." Moving image's DP and Head of Production, Jim Coulter, shot and edited the project which was shot on the Red 4K Cinema Camera and posted in full 4K resolution. You can see the video at this link: http://movingimageinc.com/MusicVideo-LoveControl.php

Moving image Studios recently produced, shot and edited two television commercials for Inclusive Clinics in Houston, Texas. The two spots were shot in both English and Spanish and will air on a number of Houston TV Stations this Spring. Click here to see the Ads: http://movingimageinc.com/Inclusive.php

Moving image along with Vintage Production Group was recently awarded the "Best Local Music Video" by the Houston Press Magazine. The Junior Gordon Band hired my good friend Roy Schneider at Vintage Productions Group to produce the video and Moving image Productions provided camera gear and crew. Shot entirley on our new Red 4K Cinema Camera, the video made extensive use of our Steadicam and Jib. The result was a video that moves and flows to the beat of the music! Click here to see the video's first cut: http://movingimageinc.com/Junior-Gordon.php

ABC's "The Chew" hired Moving image to shoot 2 of their food segments that feature Houston Texas cuisine. Our crews filmed at Molina's Mexican Restaurant and The Hubcap Grill. The show is hosted by ABC's Evette Rios and covers the authentic Tex Mex cuisine at Molino's and the incredible hamburgers served at The Hubcap grill. Here's a link: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/the-chew/videos/PL55125609/_m_VD55227508

Moving image was hired to shoot the Steadicam footage of the Rothko Chapel for a scene in the new movie "Cosmopolis" Starring Robert Pattinson- the actor best known for his role on "Twilight"!

Shooting and editing was recently wrapped on a 50 Year Anniversary Video for Ascend Performance Materials in Alvin, Texas. The Ascend Chocolate Bayou Plant will use the video to promote and celebrate its success at a company event in October 2012.

The Houston Area Urban League has enlisted Moving image to produce its new Fair Housing Video. Many home buyers and renters are not aware of laws that protect them from discrimination when they buy or rent a home. This video is designed to explain the laws clearly and demonstrate situations to look out for when dealing with banks, realtors and rental agents.

Moving image recently wrapped production on a National TV commercial for Spray and Forget. The commercial's concept and creative was handled by Moving image and was shot on the Red Scarlet Cinema Camera at 4K resolution and then mastered to 1080 for broadcast.

Moving image's new Steadicam Zephyr and the Red Scarlet went to work shooting for Bayou City Production's client recently. The new Zephyr performed flawlessly! Moving image provides its Steadicam services at a very affordable rate.

We are currently in pre-production phase for the next video installment for Hospital Housekeeping Service's Diversity Video. The principal photography will begin in early August with a September release date.

Moving image continues to provide the very best video production at the most affordable prices! Mister Sparky Electrical Services has hired Moving image to produce a viral web video to promote their residential electrical services. Primary shooting has been completed featuring actor Chip Matthews playing the part of the show's host. The final edited movie is available on Mister Sparky's website and promises to be unlike any corporate video you've ever seen! Click on the link to view: mistersparky ambush'd

Travelview International recently hired Moving image to shoot and edit several exclusive properties on the island of St Lucia. The crew worked 16 hour days for 10 days straight but came back with some beautiful footage! Click on the following link to check out a sample clip! Ladera St Lucia

Ecolab Corporation recently hired Moving image to shoot and edit a marketing video for it's FreedomAire3 surgical protective gown. The video provides instruction to surgeons on how to use the gown and highlights some of the gowns revolutionary safety features.

Moving image played a role in documenting the cleanup of the world's worst oil disaster. Our crews were shooting interviews from Florida to Louisiana with locals affected by the spill, reports from the Governor of Louisiana and celebrities such as the New Orleans Saint's Football Team. The cameraman, Jim Coulter spent 4 weeks aboard the West Serius Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico shooting the dismantling of the floating riser that was used to siphon off oil during the disaster. Because the floating riser was assembled for rapid deployment during the crisis the actual assembly was never documented so Moving image was part of the team that videotaped the retrieval and disassembly.

Moving image working in tandem with 808 Productions recently completed shooting a series of Contractor Training Videos for the new Methodist Hospital located in West Houston. These corporate videos were designed so that Methodist's Technical Engineers could use them for reference when the equipment needs to be programmed, maintained or repaired. The videos were shot using 2 High Definition Cameras to capture the Specialists while they were making actual presentations to the Methodist employees.

Moving image's Graphic Design Artists have been busy working on a Highway Billboard Ad (See below) and full page Ad for Harbour Plastic Surgery based in League City, Texas. We produce the layout design and photography for their seasonal ads as well as brochures and other marketing material.


Billboard Ad